Tales of the Hunt

When you were a kid did you enjoy scavenger hunts,Easter egg hunts and games of hide and go seek? While being in Vermont I was able to relive my childhood and participate in an www.boomtownbingo.com/roulette of these games. We called it the Heady Topper hunt!

Vermont Route 108 is a two lane mountain road that runs through the resort town of Stowe,Vermont. On Fridays,a truck containing one of the most coveted of Vermont brewed beers makes its deliveries to the restaurants,bars and stores along that route.Brewed in nearby Waterbury the Alchemist brewery delivers the nectar known as Heady Topper on that day.

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I tweeted that morning that my fellow Heady Hunters (8 of us in total) were to begin their search around 10 am following breakfast. My tweet was answered by @HeadySpotter. Not affiliated with the brewery,@ HeadySpotter runs a website telling Heady Hunters where the beer will be delivered each day of the week. In short,a beer good Samaritan!

Armed with this info and a twitter guardian angel,our group synchronized watches and contact information.The beer is generally limited to a 4 pack a person so everyone (including non-beer drinkers ) had to be involved to obtain our goal!

Following a terrific breakfast,my wife and I headed up Route 108. She wanted to check out some shops,which thankfully,were strategically located near a wine shop and package store-a perfect vantage point-2 shops getting deliveries near each other. The thrill of the hunt was setting in! There were already lines forming at the stores.In my mind,I thought due to the popularity and craziness surrounding this beer the truck would be a plain white box truck.Much to my surprise,there the truck was with its famous logo asking “Are you ready for a Heady?”on the back.

Feverishly I texted my fellow Hunters “The hops are in the house at Stowe Beverage! Meet there!”

Success was ours! A little planning and a good internet connection brought this Heady Hunt to a delicious and rewarding conclusion. I love it when a plan comes together!

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