Seasonal Creep

When you think of the date August 1st what do you think of? The dog days of summer? Pennant races in Major League Baseball? When do these kids go back to school? In the world of craft beer August 1st means pumpkin beer. Yes that’s right,the onslaught of fall seasonal beers has started. It wasn’t always this way, but with the popularity of fall styles and the craft beer boom in general breweries have limited space to store these brews. They ship the beer to distributors who naturally have space issues themselves so off to retailers they go.

Normally by the time the weather feels like fall many of the most popular of the style are gone. Schlafly, Dogfish Head and the “king” Southern Tiers Pumpking are history by the Pilgrims holiday. My advice stock up early and resist the temptation to crack em open! There are others (and more every year) that don’t sell as fast and are equally delicious. So expand your palate and try the Starr Hill Pumpkin porter (Boxcar), Crown Valleys pumpkin stout and Terrapin Brewings Pumpkinfest and others . Get them before others catch on! As far as the “seasonal creep” complaint goes, the beer industry isn’t the only one guilty of this tactic . Ask your kids, the Back to School sales started the day after the Fourth of July, and although you maybe ready for that they certainly are NOT!

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