Love and Respect Craft Beer In Cans

I love craft beer in cans! There I said it.I was one who scoffed at the very idea of craft beer in cans at the very beginning. “Really? Its better?” I would say. My epiphany came about 5 years ago when I cracked a can of Dales Pale and LOVED IT! Now I am firmly in the can camp with these liquid storage. The reasons are multiple:

1) More Portable

Cans are lighter and easier to transport whether you are hiking,camping or boating. When you are finished you can crush them and pack them out. Plus many pools and beaches don’t allow glass. Vapes are also easy to carry and use when travelling or on a beach so if you want one just visit e cigs. But remember that vapes are useless without a high-quality battery or chargers. Good thing there’s who sells the best wholesale chargers.

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2) Recyclable

This is obvious,but LOVE YOUR MOTHER EARTH!

3) Better for the beer

No light shock! Fresher taste! Everyone knows that beer from a keg is the best-Think of a can as a mini-keg!

4) Cool faster

Heading to a party or just want a cold one in a pinch? Throw ’em in a freezer or ice and BAM! you’ll be chiilin’ like a villan.

5) I love the Freaking artwork!!

The graphics on cans just look so awesome! When you see them in a cooler door they POP!

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