Football viewing beers

Football season is upon us and that means a couple of things. 1) Summertime done come and gone and 2) Couch time has become a priority! And what goes better with football than beer,right? The thing is that ,on any given football weekend, there is potential for up to 12  hours of couch time. That’s a long time to eat and drink! Of course,there will be some nap time thrown in there so lets say around 8 hours offootball time.Some people just stick to domestic macrobrewery beers that your Dad and Granddad spent their Sundays drinking,welcome to the craft beer alternatives!

The term “session” beer is what the craft beer community uses to describe easy drinking,flavorful,and low ABV brews. Basically these beers are designed to,as a good friend says,”make your sessions last longer!” The newest member of the session club are session IPAs. Flavorful, hoppy beers that clock in at around 5% ABV. Excellent beers in that class include Lagunitas Daytime (world beer cup winner),Stone Go-To IPA and local favorite Fordham Route 1. Enjoyable beers that will keep you going through the 1 pm,4 pm and 8 pm kickoffs.

One of my favorite sessionable beers is actually called Session. Brewed by Full Sail brewing in Oregon this brew is a pre-prohibition style lager. Basically what that means is that it is a style brewed before prohibition, full of flavor and a reminder of what an American lager should taste like.Packaged in an awesome pig-necked bottle (stubby) this  5% ABV brew is totally crushable and satisfies like a last second field goal!

Because its Autumn we should talk about at least one of the many terrific fall beers that are out there. My pick is the Sam Adams Octoberfest a malty sweet delight! A flavorful lager that pours a beautiful amber color it is a 5.3% ABV brew that is as much a fall tradition as football and tailgating!

Whatever you choose Enjoy your fall weekends!

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