Roll Out the Barrel (Aged)

For many,the last week of November means family,friends,Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday shopping season with Black Friday.For the craft beer fan it means the start of the barrel aged beer season! For a few years now,Black Friday has been the suggested release date of Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout and its offshoots.This year […]

Before Summer Gose (try this beer)

You have probably seen it in the beer aisle of your favorite packie. Most likely  you have wondered a few things about this beer: 1) How do you pronounce it? 2) What style is it? 3) What does it taste like? The beer is called Gose and its pronounced Gose-uh as in Rose-uh. Gose is […]

Love and Respect Craft Beer In Cans

I love craft beer in cans! There I said it.I was one who scoffed at the very idea of craft beer in cans at the very beginning. “Really? Its better?” I would say. My epiphany came about 5 years ago when I cracked a can of Dales Pale and LOVED IT! Now I am firmly […]