Beers for Birdwatching

The return of  October baseball to Charm City brings an abundance of Black and Orange! Baltimore has a great baseball tradition and heritage.The city also has an impressive brewing tradition and heritage.As in most cities the sports teams and beer are linked,after all whats a baseball game without a hot dog and a beer!From Chuck Thompson’s famous call “Ain’t the beer cold!” of the past to today’s Firkin Friday at Oriole Park,beer and the O’s are Baltimore’s favorite pastimes!

There is a deep lineup of fantastic Maryland beers that are great for Bird watching,but for this blog I’m going to focus on what I consider to be a solid middle of lineup.

In the 3 hole we have Union Craft Brewing’s Blackwing. A black lager (or Schwartzbier) this beer stands in at 4.7% ABV and is a sessionable and flavorful beer.It pours dark with notes of coffee,chocolate and smoke.It finishes light and crisp with subtle hop notes. Great with a Boog’s BBQ sandwich with a smokey sauce!

Up next we have a rookie with a legendary pedigree,Birdhouse by the Baltimore based Brewers Art. This first year starter steps up at 5%ABV. Birdhouse pale ale is a copper colored ale with notes of citrus and pine balanced by a caramel sweetness. This medium bodied pale is drinkable and proudly sports the orange and black! Its can is an eye catcher and one of my favorites! Brewed in honor of Icterus Galbura (latin for Baltimore Oriole) this is one proud hometown brew!

Behind the Birdhouse we have the biggest hitter in our lineup today,Flying Dog’s Bloodline Blood Orange Ale.This brew comes in at 7% ABV! Almost orange in colorwith citrus notes and a honey sweeetness from the malt bill,this is a terrific IPA that hits it out of the park everytime!

Whatever your choice of local beers,enjoy the Orioles playoff run!

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